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King Holder of Oceanside, CA is a former D1 football athlete turned entrepreneur. King is the Founder of PROCUSSION, the innovative recovery brand that created SURGE -- The World's First Dual-Head Massage Gun.  

King will be sharing his insights on topics such as business development, branding, cultural shifts, mental health, and more. 

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When asked about his background, he says: "I'm from Oceanside, California. It’s one of those things where everyone from Oceanside has a certain level of toughness about them and we all grow up with deep pride for our city.I grew up in a small 2 bedroom, 1 bath apartment with 6 people — my parents and three other siblings (my younger sister would stay with us part-time). Money was always tight for us, so at a young age I started finding things to trade or flip on Craigslist — cars, video games, motorcyles, — you name it. Because of these challenges at a young age, I learned to become resourceful which really helped when I transitioned into business. I'm excited to share my insights and hopefully help others achieve their dreams."